theatre models

I trained as a theatre designer and spent a number of years designing set and costume both here in the UK and abroad. During this time and afterwards I often made models for other established theatre designers. Many of these shows were not grand operatic events involving masses of scenery but intimate, subtle and bare-stage productions in which the design consisted more of a careful choice of furniture and props. In these situations spending time on models might seem at first rather superfluous but, on the contrary, where furniture has to convey as much atmosphere and ‘story-telling’ as a full build the choice has to be exactly formulated.

Opposite are Georgian period chairs in styrene ready to be painted. The simple turning on the front legs is done by first rolling the styrene rod under the scalpel blade to create grooves and then shaving round with the scalpel to create more profile. For the upholstery I used the foam interior from 3mm Kapa-line foamboard, shaped and sanded.