When I first made the decision in the early 1990s to concentrate on my own
independent work, after having spent many years as a theatre designer, I turned
to painting first. I had been developing elements of a visual language out of much
earlier work and had been able to incorporate these into some theatre designs but
hadn't had the chance up to this point to explore them properly. It was not long before
an interest in sculpture overtook, but in the intervening time I did manage to define a
certain personal position in painting. As with the sculptural work which followed I was
much more interested in suggestion rather than realistic depiction. My painting was
moderately 'gestural' with an interest in graphic surface qualities, though I rarely
became interested in 'mark making' for its own sake. If I was occasionally seduced
by anything 'for its own sake' it was probably the exploration of techniques. I preferred
using spirit-based media on paper, either making my own form of oil paint or working
pencil or pastel onto the paper surface with spirit to create a pigment 'skin' which
could then be worked into or removed.
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