science of life signs

The following pages show experimental new work exhibited recently at Osterwalder’s ArtOffice in Hamburg, 07.11.2008 – 24.01.2009. This was the first joint venture for myself and Astrid and the title refers to our mutual interest in developing various ways of conveying ‘signs of life’ in our work.

Lifebranches represents the first version of a relatively new way of working for me, namely taking specific ‘life experience’ information as a basis rather than the generic, and attempting to reproduce that in another form or language. For this I asked a selection of people (mainly friends or family, or people I know well) to provide me with detailed accounts of the course of their lives throughout the year 2007. On the one hand they needed to list events or occurrences factually, but also to indicate how these had affected them emotionally.

Lifebranches 1-10, 2007-8
Painted PVC and polyurethane
installation 220x40cm

photo: A. Bärndal