interactive sculpture

Sleep 1994-1995

In terms of my own formal aesthetic (how I want
the forms I produce to look) I have never been
interested in realistic depiction. I have always
felt that the amount of effort needed to achieve
it properly is directly proportional to the range
of appeal it will ultimately exclude. I prefer to
work at a more abstracted level, using sug-
gestion rather than depiction, keeping form and interpretation open. I have always sought to
combine an underlying affinity with 'organic'
form (biological, zoomorphic) with an interest in
how we utilize and adapt this natural formal
language in design, both archaic and modern.
I like to imagine that my objects occupy a place
at an intersection of paths coming from the natural, but often looking towards the symbolic,
the ceremonial or the industrial

The presentation method here was what I call
the ‘sand-pit’ form, arranged on the gallery
floor. Cast and painted forms were half-buried
in a mound of dyed cork granules resembling
earth. Visitors to the gallery were encouraged
to unearth, handle and re-arrange these forms.