Sweetbox 1996

The theme of confectionary seems to have
stuck with me in various guises throughout the
years (see also ‘Faim de siecle’). This multiple edition was commissioned by the German
lifestyle magazine Amica and could be ordered
through it. Both the sweet forms and the bed
were cast plaster, housed in a linen-covered
presentation box.

My interest in the sweetbox form of
presentation may just have been following up a
childhood fascination with the look of sweets
or the fact that I was used to arranging small
beach-combed objects in old chocolate boxes,
but it was also a selling gambit. I could offer
variations of the same collection in different
sizes to suit different pockets. For the original
Pralinenkasten concept (1994) I made display
cases loaded with all manner of form and
colour variations (cast in plaster and wax) and
people could 'pic-n-mix' from the stock to put
together their own ensemble, although only
one size of box was offered in this case.