model-making techniques course

Apart from offering this intensive 5-day course during the summer months at Rose Bruford College I have also run it ‘on demand’ at other times of the year close to my studios in Dept-
ford SE8. The course was originally titled Advanced Model-making Techniques not wishing to alienate those with little prior exper-
ience but implying that those taking part would gain the most if they had at least some making experience and knew how to use a scale rule and scalpel. This still applies, but over the course of time I have relaxed the goals to ac-
commodate a diversity of participants. Although the main emphasis remains on the type of model-making practiced in theatre and film design i.e. more scenic and ‘realistic’ than some, the course is intended to be useful for a broad spectrum of makers, basically anyone involved with the creation of small-scale forms. For this reason a large amount of the course time is spent simply examining materials and testing what can be done with them, sometimes regardless of specific purpose. But throughout, the over-arching importance of responsible observation, of keeping to scale and propor-
tion, of technical finesse and creative problem-solving are firmly emphasised.