Degree teaching

I have been regularly involved with under-
graduate (and postgraduate) lecturing and tutoring at a number of design colleges since 2004. My specialism in this context is the crea-
tion and use of models in a design process…
what I prefer to call ‘3D scaled design render-
ing’ at times, rather than the somewhat mis-
‘model-making’ I see my potential remit as catering just as much to stud-
ents of sculpture, architecture, interior or pro-
duct design, as well as the more obvious thea-
tre and film. But these last two areas remain the mainstay of my teaching practice.

In whichever spatial or 3D discipline, I would describe my role principally in terms of the fol-
lowing: facilitating an understanding of scale and how best to communicate it to others; bui-
lding confidence in working both intricately and accurately with a wide variety of materials; de-
veloping an awareness of the importance of first-hand observation and thorough research. A fundamental for successful model-making in these contexts, where the model is almost always a design-development and communi-
cative tool (a means to a ‘greater’ end rather than the end in itself) is that the technical de-
mands (and also the aesthetic experience) of making contribute directly to the design process rather than hindering it.