Model-making: Materials and Methods aims to
be an inter-disciplinary, instructonal ‘bible’ of
use to anyone involved with making accurate
scale models: theatre and film designers, archi-
tectural or exhibition model-makers, or stop-
motion animators, to name a few. Although its
materials-based approach could make it useful
for product model-makers, the emphasis is
more on the kind of ‘scenic’ realism practiced
in the above disciplines. The book also avoids
considering expensive machine tools or work-
shop facilities, in favour of simple methods
which can be readily mastered by all regard-
less of budget. In a more general sense the
book is simply about the challenge of making
small-scale forms, regardless of their purpose.
It will therefore be of interest to anyone in-
volved with the process of making forms in 3D,
whether these are specifically ‘models’ or not.

Chapters logically follow the process of
making; beginning with planning and construc-
tion, followed by methods of creating surfaces,
and culminating with painting and finishing.

photo: A. Bärndal