Shown here (moving clockwise):
creating wood effects using scraped plastic
or stencil paper from the chapter ‘Creating
Surfaces’; tinting effects using pencil and
spirit from the chapter ‘Painting’; soldered
figure armatures and etching simple foliage
from the chapter ‘Working with Metals’.

There are very few good model-making
books on the market at present, though
I suspect that a renewal of interest in serious
professional model-making and an increasing
recognition of its importance within the design
process may gradually change this. Model-
making: Materials and Methods
may be one of
the first to offer a comprehensive account, at
least where the range of materials is con-
cerned. Those interested will find more sample
pages and reviews on,uk (following
the link at the start of this gallery). I would
welcome contributions to this growing list of re-
views or, alternatively, for anyone to email me
with suggestions for improvements if the book
is lucky enough to need a future reprint!
photos: A. Bärndal